Artist Statement

My high school and undergraduate art education is European while my graduate education andteaching experience is completely American. In my artwork, I combine the best from both schools.Although my background is very important for my identity, I am trying to be the citizen of the world. Thatis why I submit my artworks to various competitions in different countries.
Process, progress, and constant improvement are the key ideas in my design. While craftsmanshipis extremely important to me, I try hard to produce art which is not just a collection of “pretty images”. Mygoal is to create pieces which have a deeper meaning and message for the audience. In my opinion, that iswhat makes a difference between professional and amateur artists. The concepts that I developed in myopus involve academically advanced ideas that are conceivable not only to professional graphic designersand artists, but to the general public.
Typography, iconography, and photography are extremely important for every product not only asa source of information, but also as a way of communicating with the public. They allow the graphicdesigner to express an idea in a visually appealing way that not only provides information, but allows theaudience to receive the message in a clever, entertaining, or humorous way. Although my focus is graphicdesign and typography, I am very passionate about other art disciplines such as photography, film, arthistory, and writing. The knowledge that I gained from these disciplines I apply to my graphicdesign research.